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I thought it would be fun if we all went around and said our name and a little something about ourselves. I'll start. My name is Nick and I like to party.
Alright. Dave, you're up.

My Mum and Dad gave me my first camera when I turned 21 in 2006.  It was a Panasonic FZ-30 and I was hooked. I carried it around with me everywhere for 4 years and learnt everything there was to know about it.  I found a way to combine my love of photography with my love of rock music, as an aspiring rock photographer.  I snuck the Panasonic into many concerts to practice, Metallica, AC/DC and KISS to name a few.

I eventually grew out of the Panasonic and pined for the full frame goodness of a  DSLR.  After years of watching unboxing videos of the Canon 5D Mark II..I finally had one of my own, and things really took off from there.  I soon found out that making money as a music photographer was hard…all the bands I approached were broke!  So I started shooting a few paid jobs for other clients and eventually finally felt at ease calling myself a professional photographer.


Nick is the photographer of his generation.

Nick's Mum

Since those days, I’ve photographed hundreds of jobs for clients in schools, newspapers, universities, music venues, corporations, restaurants, multi-million dollar homes and a I even did a corporate headshot for the CEO of a multi billion dollar company.  I’ve seen some amazing things and met some exceptional people, and I’ve never deleted a single photo!  I still love shooting live music and regularly get the opportunity to do so as the venue photographer for the Racehorse Hotel.  The low-light photography skills I learnt shooting live music translated  well to the stage and I soon found myself working as one of two house photographers for the Brisbane Arts Theatre.

I eventually blew out the shutter on my first Canon camera, but remain loyal to the brand to this day.  I’ve invested heavily in my gear to help me capture the best possible images in event the most challenging of situations.  My current gear includes:

  • 2 x Canon R5 camera bodies
  • 1 x Canon 5D Mark IV camera body
  • SanDisk 512GB CFexpress cards
  • Canon RF 15-35mm f2.8 L lens
  • Canon RF 28-70mm f1.2 L lens
  • Canon RF 70-200mm f2.8 L lens
  • Canon EF 50mm f1.8 lens
  • Canon 580EXII and 680EXII Speedlite flashes
  • Spider Pro Dual Camera System v2 holster
  • Manfrotto tripods, light stands and monopod
  • Alien Bee studio lights and remote triggers
  • Godox AD600 Pro strobe
  • 2 x Godox AD200 strobes
  • DJI Ronin-S stabaliser gimbal
  • DJI Mavic 2 Pro Drone
  • Microsoft Surface Pro tablet
  • 2000w fog machine
  • 1500w fog machine
  • Lastolite collapsible backdrops
  • and a big ol’ bag of tricks!

So that’s me.  Now, get in touch and lets talk about you.
We’ll make some amazing work together!


I am forever chasing light. Light turns the ordinary into the magical.

Trent Parke

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